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Oppression in the Workplace

Why are women oppressed in the workplace? Women consist of half of the working population, so why do men see themselves as superior? Why do they get paid more than a third more than women in jobs we do equally well in? According to Aileen O’Carroll’s article "Why Women are Oppressed" Women are more expensive to employ because they must be paid for maternity leave, I believe there is an easy way to solve that problem, give men an equal amount of maternity leave, and allow it to be used at any time during a given amount of time. For example if a husband and wife are both given 3 months maternity leave and it had to be used within six months they could alternate who would be staying at home. That way it won’t make a difference when hiring because both sexes would be getting paid for that time off. Women more often than not have the less superior job positions in the workplace, Women are usually at the bottom of the office “food chain” and that is one of the main reasons they are paid so much less. Historically women have been encouraged to work and have been accommodated when it suited capitalism. (O’Carroll, 1992), so during wartime women were encouraged to get jobs and when the men came home from war women were encouraged to quit It has been proven over and over again that a woman in power in the office is going to be judged as a bitch and a man in power is just a good leader. Confidant women in the workplace constantly intimidate men.

Why are Women Oppressed? by, Aileen O'Carroll

Last updated November 23, 2004

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