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Oppression and Eastern Religions

Women’s oppression is one of the oldest and most consistent forms of oppression in the world. “According to the teachings of Hindu, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, evil exists in women’s souls. Therefore they are dangerous and men should control them.”(Roashan, 2003) According to Islamic Law, the legal age for girl to be wed is nine. And this is obviously sexual abuse and rape. (Women and… 1992).” In Afghanistan the women are still forced to wear burkas and veils, which according to the article, Women and Religious Oppression,” the veil is the legitimate physical border o f a women’s existence in society to protect men and community from any possible moral and social danger and destructions they may cause. The reasoning is as follows: if the physical appearance of a woman can awaken feelings in a man, even though she is not aware of it, this will probably lead him to want her, which may lead to adultery (Women and… 1992).” The oppression in the east is not improving as much as we think. The United States government has given financial and military assistance to Afghanistan to control this problem, but the problem has not even begun to stop. "Many people outside the country believe that Afghan women and girls have had their rights restored. It's just not true; Women and girls are still being abused, harassed, and threatened all over Afghanistan, often by government troops and officials. (Women and…1992)" Other examples of oppression are as follows; Men and boys are able to spy on women and girls, Women are unable to be with a person of the opposite sex unless they are related, And If questioned, a woman, at anytime, can be tested for infidelity or, if unmarried to see if she is still a virgin. women’s rights have improved since the fall of the Taliban, and a few women and girls have been able to return to school and work, but they are still being abused and completely stripped of their privacy and dignity.

Hail to the Oppressed Women of Afghanistan By:Dr. G. Rauf Roashan

Women and Religious Oppression

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